About Us

"Striving for excellence at an affordable price."

What Gatehouse Webworks is all about

Working as a developer, you end up meeting all kinds of different people and are exposed to all sorts of different businesses. A commonality we started to notice was that small businesses that didn't have a lot of experience with websites were getting the short end of the stick. They were being sold these elaborate, complex, and of course expensive websites when all they really needed was a page to offer some information to their customers and a place to host it.

Over the years, we saw this again and again. These shops or personal pages shouldn't be paying thousands for functionality they simply won't use and hosting capabilities they don't need. There had to be a better way. That's where we decided we can make a difference. We use our knowledge and expertise to create the appropriate website at an affordable price and host it all without breaking the bank. We simply want to help new or existing small businesses get their site up and running as fast as possible with something they can be proud of and in their complete control.

We have years of experience developing websites and it would be our honour to help you with yours. Simply email us to get started.